It is with heavy heart that we call a night on this years N1SCO Championship in Emsworth, June 6th. We have been waiting to see how the Covid-19 crisis would play out before making any final calls. Unfortunately, we do not think it is in anyway possible to run the event whilst being able to ensure the health of competitors and our many volunteer staff. The last thing we want to do is risk the health of anyone or put extra pressure on those working so hard to protect us. We also need to take into consideration that one of the successes of the N1SCO Championships is to bring together paddlers from all corners of the country. In this current climate, this would clearly be a very bad idea. N1SCO has proven itself to be the polar opposite of ‘Socially distanced’ so on this occasion we must stay put and look forward to future events, sorry. All competitors will receive 100% refunds but life is busy so please bear with us so we can work our way through the competitor list gradually, without stress. We will aim to have all refunds with you before the planned event date of 6th June. If by then you are still missing a refund, please e-mail With regards to re-scheduling the event, we will keep our options open for when some normality returns and planning becomes possible. Sorry we will not race together next month, but we will be all the more hungry for it next time! Stay safe.

What is N1sco?

What is N1sco?

“Naish International SUP Class Organization” which is a one design racing class where all riders compete exclusively on the ONE 12’6”. It offers a fun, fair, and cost effective competition format for all contestants, regardless of size or experience.

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