Naish N!SCO one design paddleboard world championships News

World championships

N1SCO Worlds looked really good. Can’t wait to get a team together from the UK for nexts years when they are a little closer.

What a great 4th edition of the #n1sco World Championships at Jamieson Park Paddlein Narrabeen! Thanks again to everyone who came out to share the stoke, congratulations to all paddlers for achieving personals bests (like paddling on 4 stacked #n1sco boards) 🙂 We will be posting more pics and videos, here is a first selection and another look at the top overall results from that day!

Open Men:
1. Andy Davies, AUS
2. Andreas Svensson, SEW
3. Andi Saurer, SUI

Open Women:
1. Maya Persson, SWE
2. Atsuko Hishikura, JAP
=3. Storm Wheatley, AUS
=3. Katja Danielsson, AUS

Over 40 Men:
1. Brenden Clark, AUS
2. David Kissane, AUS
3. David White, AUS

Over 40 Women:
1. Tammy Montgomery, AUS
2. Traci Dostalek, AUS
3. Emma Clark, AUS

Over 50 Men:
1. Mike Hayes, AUS
2. Brett Barber, AUS
3. David Hume, AUS

Youth boys:
1. Harrison Kane, AUS
2. Clayton Kane, AUS
3. Marshall Kane, AUS

Youth girls:
1. Jessica Montgomery, AUS
2. Taylah Montgomery, AUS
3. Jessica Messenger, AUS

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